As I’ve gotten more years under my belt as a trainer, I’ve become a lot more patient, compassionate, and understanding. I remember when I first started in the field over 8 years ago I was very opinionated, dogmatic, and loud about my beliefs. Although, I still have work to do on my self improvement every single day I can honestly say that not too many things in the fitness and performance field really bother me anymore. I’ve come to realize that we’re all just trying to figure it out, nobody has all the answers, and most of us battle the same issues day in and day out. However, there are a few words and phrases that have been around long before I even became a trainer that still press my hot button. Here are the most common words and phrases and a brief explanation as to why I believe these particular one’s should be eradicated from the fitness and performance field:

Contrary to very popular belief muscles don’t “tone” they either grow or shrink. There is no gender bias when it comes to this concept, this applies to females and males alike.

This one drives me the most crazy because many trainers have taken this term way out of context and confused a large amount of people in the process. I don’t like this word because we haven’t even been able to apply a strict definition to “Functional” training; because of that a lot of trainers give a different definition of this term and that’s where most of the confusion comes from. Whenever I’ve said this to a client in the past, even with strong clarification, most have looked at me with a blank stare.

Believe it or not, this is a made up word that was used to market and sell products to females. What cellulite actually is is fat cells that have been clumped together that live beneath your skin which are held together by a fibrous connective tissue that acts as a net for these particular cells. Sometimes in certain areas on the body this net of fibrous tissue has some holes in it, and when the fat cells get clumped up they get pushed through these holes which create those visible bumps and dimples on your skin. Simply put its not abnormal, and it’s by no means a dysfunction not matter what you’ve been told. 

-“Lactic Acid causes muscle soreness”

I’ll be quick with this one, what actually causes muscle soreness is micro tears deep inside the muscle tissue from the stress of exercise, high concentration of hydrogen ions, and a high concentration of electrolytes pooling in the bloodstream. 


Periodization is basically planning out somebody’s entire training plan in advance, whether it’s for a series of weeks or months. I’ve read entire books about this process, and when you read the book’s this process makes sense. However, life doesn’t follow a book, nor does it care whatsoever if you have detailed plan for your training routine. In the real life people get sick, their kids get sick, work gets busy, family stuff comes up, vacations should happen, and people have lives that don’t revolve around training. In short, I’m not saying don’t have a plan, I’m saying make sure you don’t get dogmatic and unwilling to change your plans. 

-“General” Fitness

I have somewhat of a chip on my shoulder about the word “General” when it comes to someone’s training and fitness. I understand that everyone’s goals and circumstances are going to vary across the board, and that we have to meet people where they are when anyone starts their training journey. However, because I’ve worked with such a wide range of clientele I don’t believe anyone should be put in the camp of normal. What I’m simply trying to say is that we’re all human, and I firmly believe we should train like human beings and not robots and there’s nothing “general” about that process. 

-“Female’s shouldn’t Do Resistance Training” 

In my professional opinion this is by far the most ridiculous concept in the performance industry. Female’s will not get “bulky” like a male with resistance training. In fact I could make the case that resistance training is even more beneficial for females than males. The benefits that properly executed resistance training gives females is amazing; hormone regulation, metabolic improvements, sleep enhancement, injury reduction, and bone density just to name a few. Last but certainly not least, it’s physiologically impossible for a woman to become “bulky” like a man from resistance training, unless a woman takes anabolic supplements this will not happen at all.