I believe that there’s a false sense in the human fitness and performance space of what being “Fit” truly means. When most of us hear the word “Fit” we just think of an individual that has aesthetic attributes, such as well defined pecs and abdominals. Well I’m here to tell you that I’ve witnessed firsthand both personally and professionally that anyone can be all show and no go. Let me quickly clarify that in no way is it bad in any way shape or form to want to achieve aesthetic attributes from your training. However, given my experience I will make the case that you’re limiting you’re all around potential when that’s your main priority. Training is subjective, so you do you, but I’ve trained many individuals that were incredibly shredded and frequently injured at the same time.

Let me quickly clarify that having aesthetically pleasing muscles does have some important benefits. To a certain degree it means you’re healthy, more metabolically efficient, and less likely to injure yourself. Notice that I said to a certain degree, because just having big muscles has it’s limits on how well you’re able to function in the real world. Big muscles aren’t everything, nor are big muscles a guarantee of optimal human performance and fitness.

 The human body is composed of many complex systems; such as the nervous system, muscular system, endocrine system, fascial system, cardiovascular system, etc… However, none of these system’s function alone, nor can they function alone in order to ensure proper fitness and performance of the human body. Therefore, the muscular system is only a small piece of the pie of what allows the human body to function adequately. The muscular system would not be allowed to function at all without the involvement of the other systems of the body. This is why when you address the whole body you train every system, but when you address just one system you don’t truly train the whole body. You’re truthfully only addressing one piece of a very important pie.    

Big aesthetically pleasing muscles are just a fraction of the pie that make up human fitness and performance; and let’s be honest with one another, no one wants just one piece of a good pie. We can’t forget about agility, mobility, power, strength, and conditioning, because when you put all of these elements together that’s truly addresses each and every system of the human body that completes the whole pie that is truthfully adequate human fitness and performance. If you want to just physically train for looks, you do you, I’m not going to stop you, and more importantly that’s not my job as a human performance trainer. I will tell you the truth, and the truth is that just having big aesthetically pleasing muscles isn’t what being “Fit” truly means, or even what being “Fit” truly is. In my professional opinion, to be truly Fit means to be able to participate in every opportunity of adventure, activity, movement, exercise, and athletic competition. So now ask truly ask yourself, is my training for the show or for the go?