The Minimum Program

Purchase The Minimum Program for $100.00 USD

The Minimum performance program by Odyssey Performance Training is designed for the individual who wants to increase the longevity of their joints and maintain essential strength without the fuss of traveling to a gym or sacrificing a room in their home to store expensive exercise equipment. This 20-minute, 3 day per week program targets muscles through practical, patterned exercises in mobility and strength that support daily activities including carrying groceries, walking your dog, or picking a child up from the floor. The Minimum is the foundational program to optimize your physical body and prepare you for daily movement patterns that will spare your joints of unnecessary wear and tear.

What’s Included

There are 12 weeks of programmed workouts divided into 3 phases. Each phase includes foam rolling, priming, and 2 exercise sets. For each exercise, there is a video demonstration linked for convenience. There is also an easy to fill out worksheet to track your workouts and progress.

Equipment Required

This program is a considered a low-maintenance equipment program. Only resistance bands and a foam roller are required.

While resistance bands and a foam roller are considered low-cost fitness tools, modifications to exercises can be made to be performed body weight, or creatively using household items that can be substituted to fit your needs.

Who can do this program?

This program is designed for any fitness level and welcomes any beginner, intermediate, or experienced mover in the comfort of any space they choose.

After completing this program…

…expect to have a stronger neuromuscular connection to your muscles and improved movement pattern efficiency. These components allow you to have a greater muscle size, strength, and power with any performance activity; however, at a minimum, this program enables you to move, feel, and look better through efficient, time-saving, and effective exercise program design.