I’m not 100% sure why, but it seems like fads, or “shiny new objects” are coming at us more frequently. Maybe it’s social media and how easy it is to share information. Whatever the case may be this is happening each and everyday at a tremendous rate. Although, it’s important to evolve and adapt to changing times we all need to remember the importance of discipline and fundamentals. This brings to mind a popular quote, “Not everything new is good, and not everything good is new.”

As I’ve gotten more experience over the years, I’ve started communicating better that before you start looking for the next latest and greatest, make sure you’ve got the fundamentals down first and foremost. Let’s say (for example) you want to try out the newest diet trend, and that is fine if you want to do that. However, if you’re not dialed in on fundamentals such as drinking the proper amount of water, sleeping, eating fruits and vegetables, and doing the minimum amount exercise, such as walking, then you’re not building sustainable life habits to support you over the long term. Having seen individuals do this a lot what often happens is that the diet, or exercise plan, works for the length of time that it’s been advertised, most are for 30 days. Not long after the 30 days is finished, what often happens is that the individual puts all the weight they lost back on and sometimes more. Unfortunately, most “diet” and exercise plans don’t teach people sustainable lifestyle habits, its just a quick fix over the short term. What I tell people about these is to remember an old fundamental piece of advice I got when I was much younger, “if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.” 

There’s always going to be something new that pops up that claims to be the answer to all of your questions, especially in the health and performance world. Play the long game, whether your goal is for everyday life or athletics, no matter what milestone you’re trying to achieve it’s never a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. Make sure you build long-term, sustainable, lifestyle habits that are going to serve you well over the long term. So the next time you decide to put your money and trust in a health or fitness product ask yourself this question first, “is this product going to support me over the long term or the short term?”