Odyssey Performance Training

We aim to guide each client through the journey of fitness training in order to meet their life and performance goals. At Odyssey Performance Training, we understand the non-linearity inherent in the progress of training and fitness. We want to help you navigate the chaos of your sport and life by teaching you the fundamentals of functional training. We provide the accountability, support, and direction required for improvement to meet your performance goals.

We welcome and are experienced working with any person no matter how far they’ve traveled in their fitness journey and the health and injury challenges they may be working to overcome. Contact us to schedule your first consultation with Nick Smith to map out your fitness journey today!

Who is Nick Smith

I’m a human performance trainer from Denver, Colorado and the founder of Odyssey Performance Training. I have more than 10 years of professional experience training weekend warriors, adolescents, professional athletes, and those in advanced-age reach their performance goals. Some of these goals have included weight loss, corrective exercise, and sports-specific training.


Control the Controllables

None of us can ever predict the chaos that we're going to encounter in life. It's full of bumps, pot holes, detours, and many other obstacles that are often times put there by circumstances out of our control. No one, especially myself, could've predicted the chaos...

Shiny Object Syndrome

 I'm not 100% sure why, but it seems like fads, or "shiny new objects" are coming at us more frequently. Maybe it's social media and how easy it is to share information. Whatever the case may be this is happening each and everyday at a tremendous rate. Although, it's...

Training Availability

Monday 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday 3pm – 7pm
Thursday 12pm – 7pm
Friday 7am – 12pm

Contact me if you are interested in training outside of these hours.

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