Online Training with Nick Smith

Who can benefit from online training?

Anyone who wants to be physically active can benefit from online training; however, online training can be especially helpful for those who require a flexible workout schedule, wants to workout at home or a gym of their choice, and are independently motivated. Odyssey Performance Training can help you achieve any health and fitness goals that you may be interested in both online or in person.

How does online training work?

First, we will have an 30 to 45 minute introduction meeting to discuss your personal health and fitness goals. This meeting can be performed in person or video phone conference.

The next step is to perform your movement assessment. I will assess your joint biomechanics, overall muscle strength, and movement quality. We can either perform this assessment in person, or you may video record and send these directly to me.

Based on your goals and assessment, I will design a 4-week program specifically for you. Depending on the online monthly training subscription you choose, we will communicate regularly to discuss how the workouts are progressing and any modifications that may be needed. Future assessments would be conducted throughout our time working together and are dependent on communications and progress.

Interested in hybrid training?

Hybrid training is a combination of in person and online training. It maintains the structure of online training (4-week programs and regular communication) and also includes an in-person session once a month.

Is remote personal training the same as online training?

If you prefer remote training, you can also schedule a session with Odyssey Performance Training. A remote session will maintain all of the same qualities as an in-person session, but we will be video conferencing during your workout instead.

How do I schedule a training session?

Contact Nick Smith at with your name, phone number, e-mail, and your preferred method of training. We will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your first session!