The Minimum Program

The fitness industry tells you that you need to be doing and buying more. “Do more workouts…Buy more equipment…more sweat and soreness is better for your health.” THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. In this comprehensive 12-week program, 25 minute workouts are designed to be performed 3 times a week with minimal equipment. Minimal time and equipment does not sacrifice high functioning results produced by this program. This program includes priming, workout, mobility, and soft tissue work to complement any fitness lifestyle in order to optimize your quality of life. Invest in and perform this program to achieve better quality movement and improve accessibility to your muscles.

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The Bulletproof Series

Born out of 7 years of upper level rehabilitation training, trainer Nick Smith designed The Bulletproof Series to combat weaknesses in specific areas of the body. Each program targets a specific joint and includes foam rolling, priming, and strengthening exercises for each session. Create your own bulletproof joint by selecting a program to start today!

The Bulletproof Programs
The Bulletproof Shoulder
The Bulletproof Lower Back
The Bulletproof Hip
The Bulletproof Knee


Why You’ll Love these Programs
#1 – Time efficient: each session takes approximately 20 minutes
#2 – Simple and easy to follow programming
#3 – Video examples for each exercise
#4 – Effective programming that improves injury resiliency and joint durability

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