Nick’s Favorite Things

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For the perfect, minimalist gym

Power Block USA Elite Dumbbells

I love these Power Block USA Elite Dumbbells because they are space saving, have a durable design, and also have the flexibility to add more weight.

Thera-Band Pro Series SCP Stability Ball

This misunderstood fitness tool is one of the best ways to train your trunk stability. Adding a stability ball to your routine will naturally correct any improper movement patterns. The size of the stability ball depends on your height, but 65 cm typically works for most people.

Rubber Banditz Resistance Bands Mobile Gym Kit

Resistance bands are the only tool that I use daily. This joint-friendly tool trains you to control your movement patterns. In my opinion, these can be the best tools to complement your weight training.

TRX Pro 4 Suspension Weight Trainer

This suspension weight trainer is the most versatile tool for training. There’s not a movement pattern or exercise performed on a suspension weight trainer that does not involve engagement from the trunk muscles. This system teaches individuals to master control of their own body weight, which is a fundamental of performance training. This trainer is durable, versatile, and space saving.

Rollga Standard Foam Roller

Not only does this foam roller has ridges that target tender spots in muscles, it’s flexibility in design is good for any muscle group that you need to foam roll.