Whatever fitness and performance goals that you may have, it can seem overwhelming at times what exactly you should focus on. I’ve said it many times before that there’s a lot of information in the fitness and performance fields, and a good majority of it is incorrect. The large amount of information isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Matter of fact, my last 8 years in this field I’ve actually noticed an increase in the amount of information we’re hearing on a daily basis. What I hope to get across to all of you with this article is to focus on one element of your training. No matter how much information you hear on a given day, or what new fad comes out tomorrow make sure you focus on your performance above all else.

Some of you are probably thinking, what about my weight on the scale? To which I would answer the scale lies, it’s like a bad ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Forget about the number on the scale, along with what some “expert” is telling you on the internet, talk show, or radio show, they’re just trying to get the ratings up in order to make themselves more money. Focusing on objective measurements like your performance can tell you a lot more than most subjective measurements like the weight on the scale can. Performance measurements such as how well you’re executing total body movement patterns, how well you’re sleeping, how much weight you’re lifting, clothes fitting better, etc… can tell you a lot more than your scale weight, B.M.I., and the size of your biceps. To put it simply, when you focus on your performance what you’re doing is you’re focusing on training movements not muscles. 

To some of you reading this you might think I’m crazy, but just hear me out for a few more sentences. Whether you like it or not, your body isn’t designed to function in isolation. Whether it’s chemically, bio-mechanically, or neuromuscularly, your body doesn’t work in separate compartments it works in collaboration with one another. I believe that once we all realize this, we all can begin to realize that making your performance the sole foundation of your training addresses the entire body as a whole, not just separate parts. To get back to my main point is that when you focus on your performance first and foremost and ignore the noise, you will hit all of your goals whatever they may be. Whether your goals are for fat loss, aesthetics, performance, or all of the above, just focusing on your performance will target all of those. The reason being is that most of our fitness goals that we desire, believe it or not, are just side effects of moving well and often. When you train like you should, to enhance your performance, the results are fat loss, muscle definition, and just an overall improvement in your health.

Believe me when I tell you I struggled with this when I was younger. I focused on the result instead of the process, and I did get a few results to tell the truth. However, now that I’m older and a little wiser, not only as a trainer but as a person, I understand now more than ever that performance sets the foundation for all other physical pursuits, no matter what they are. Whether it’s for a sport, aesthetics, health, or just an overall improvement in your quality of life. When you simplify the process and focus on quality (performance) and not quantity (everything else) you will not only be surprised, you will also be happy about the results that you achieve.