Odyssey Performance Training FAQ

What is performance training?

 Whether your life requires being able to run daily errands or perform at a high athletic level, performance training can be utilized to enhance your life. Odyssey Performance Training strives to provide coaching that allows clients to function at their desired level of activity and improve injury resiliency to minimize future pain and dysfunction.


Should I consult a doctor or health care provider prior to physical activity?



If I do have a health conflict, does that mean I can’t train with Odyssey Performance Training?

 Not necessarily, it depends on what health conflict you have and the severity of that condition. If you do have a health conflict, as your trainer I am willing to collaborate with your health care provider to reach your personal performance goals.


What is personal training?

Odyssey Performance Training believes personal training is a hands on, one on one, holistic approach. Exercise programs are designed to fit the client’s unique personal goals, injury history, and training history. Personal training provides the individual accountability, direction, and support with their personal fitness and performance goals.   


Is performance training for everyone?

Whether it’s maintaining accountability or overcoming your latest performance challenge, performance training can be vital for everyone.


How should I prepare for my first session?

 After you schedule your first session, be prepared to discuss your performance goals, injury history, and training history. Come to your first session in comfortable athletic clothes and training shoes.


 What sort of assessments do you do?

 Movement assessments are an important tool in the training process. Assessments help us design a specific program to fit your unique style of movement. Assessments can include examining your core stability, hip mobility, ankle mobility, and shoulder blade stability.