Description of Services 

Personal Training (1 on 1)

Being a personal trainer for over eight years, I understand that everybody’s goals, injury history, and training history are as unique as their own fingerprint. Through personal training, I provide a customized workout and training program. Personal training is ideal for those who seek individualized accountability, direction, and support with their fitness and performance goals. See packages for pricing.

Injury Resilience Personal Training (1 on 1)

In life and in sports, there are events called line-of-duty injuries that are just occupational hazards and are difficult for anyone to avoid. However, I firmly believe that injuries, such as muscle strains and ligament sprains, are for the most part avoidable. Depending on the individual’s injury history, I focus on coaching different strategies that can help the individual reduce the chances of these events occurring. See packages for pricing.

Online personal training

Online personal training is for those who don’t live near the Denver, CO area, or training in-person doesn’t fit within your lifestyle. I provide a monthly workout program for you to do on your own with frequent phone or video calls to maintain accountability and to ensure the programs are meeting your performance goals. See monthly fees for pricing.

Small group training (2 – 4 individuals)

Small group training is for 2 – 4 individuals with similar goals that would like to train together. A free consultation is provided to determine if group training is feasible based on assessments, performance goals, and injury history for the individuals involved. Prices vary based on group size.

Team Training (4 or more)

Team training are for teams seeking sport-specific performance training. Workout programming will be designed to meet team performance goals and can be used during preseason, off-season, and in-season. Prices vary based on group size.