None of us can ever predict the chaos that we’re going to encounter in life. It’s full of bumps, pot holes, detours, and many other obstacles that are often times put there by circumstances out of our control. No one, especially myself, could’ve predicted the chaos that was going to come from Covid-19. A lot of us are struggling mentally, financially, and physically, and rightfully so. I want to share with all of you some lessons all this chaos has taught me, as I believe it can be helpful to a lot of you.

The first lesson is understanding that all of us are in control of only two things: our attitude and our effort. Every other factor is out of our hands, and for a lot of us that makes us frustrated because we want to be in constant control of everything. We have a problem (especially in Western Civilization) of being major control freaks, and don’t get me wrong I struggle with it exactly like each one of you. However, what this pandemic has taught me since the day it began is that I’m not in control at all except for the two variables I mentioned earlier. This is going to sound extreme because it’s true, one of the best ways to live this life is to fully and truthfully admit that we’re not in control of anything except of ourselves. 

The second lesson is that the greatest asset we all have is our health, and when I say health I mean all aspects spiritual, mental, and physical. The only element that we’ve found so far that has the ability to combat this virus is if you’re in good health. We don’t have a vaccine, and who knows when we will, but we do have the ability to stay in good health. Ultimately, our health is our own responsibility, not our families, friends, and especially the health care system itself. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself, and the single greatest asset you have is your own health. Walking, resistance training, and yoga are all great ways to take charge of your health 

Finally, what should we all do? That’s the million dollar question when we receive advice, what happens next. I believe that you should take action, but not just blind action where you throw whatever you can at a wall and see what sticks. Write down a few elements that you’re in control of in your life and make 2-3 action points on how you’re going to make those one percent better everyday. Start going for daily walks, reading a book, invest in a personal trainer that can make you a specific workout program to address your own specific goals, eat fruits and vegetables daily, etc… Most importantly, we all have to remember to take full individual responsibility of our health, and all aspects of our health, because it’s your greatest asset and the best investment that you will ever make.