There are many variables to consider when training and/or writing a program for a client.  Variables such as volume, intensity, frequency, and duration are all important factors that a trainer has to account for.  All the previously mentioned variables need to be taken into consideration and accounted for.  If one of the above mentioned variables is not accounted for this can lead to overtraining, acute injury, and burn out for the client.  However, I feel that there is one very important variable that we need to account for, so we can teach our clients to achieve their goals.  

When I write a program as far as exercises go, keep it simple is my approach as a trainer.  Everyone is going to do a core exercise (planks, side planks, physioball rollouts, etc…), a knee dominant exercise (lunges, squats, split squats, etc…), a hip dominant exercise (Romanian deadlifts, good mornings, physioball curls, etc..), a upper body pull exercise (horizontal rows, dumbbell rows, physioball scapula patterns, chin-ups, etc…), and a upper body push (push-ups, dumbbell bench press variations, landmine press variations, etc…), the workouts also include foam rolling, priming, and a cool down.  I’m very meticulous about who gets what, where exercises go, and the flow of the workout.  With that being said, the most important variable that I’m most focused on with the program is consistency, because without this important variable it doesn’t matter how good your program writing is because your client isn’t going to get the results that they want.  When it comes to human performance and health (which the two are connected) everything is important and everything matters, but without consistency the other variables simply become irrelevant.  

Without consistency nothing else really matters, if you remember anything else from this post you remember that.  Forget all the diet and exercise fads and hacks, they don’t work, and as a trainer I’ve never seen them work; because if one of them worked, there wouldn’t be a new fad or hack coming out every 3 months.  These are marketed to the general public so that someone else can get rich while you waste your money on the bullshit they’re selling you.  In closing, keep it simple it doesn’t have to be sexy to be effective; so, lift weights, eat foods that have a head and are grown from the earth. Most importantly enjoy a piece of desert or a margarita once in a while, because fitness/performance should be a part of your life not consume your life.